Baauer – the fellow behind little-heard regional rarity ‘Harlem Shake’ – shows off some new product.  

The LuckyMe affiliate has had a number of collaborations on the go over the last year or so, including a team-up with Just Blaze and a beatmaking gig for A$AP Rocky, but it’s been a while since we heard any new solo material from him.

No longer: new track ‘Clang’ has just hit the web. The track is reportedly based around a sample of German New Age artist Buedi Siebert, but don’t expect a curveball – this is more of the same bombastic party pabulum that Baauer’s known and loved/loathed for.

Head over to Baauer’s site to hear the track, which also features a short interview with Sibert. LuckyMe inform us that the curious might be able to snout out a few easter eggs on the site, so get snooping.



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