“Where were you in 1988?!”
“I was probably playing football in the garden”.
“Oh. You look older”.

Gilles Peterson may be one of British radio’s elder statesmen, but he still needs someone to keep him on his toes – and that person, in recent years, has been Alex Stevenson, Peterson’s former radio producer and collaborator with him on Brownswood, the record label that has housed projects by Mala, Jose James and Gang Colours, as well as the Brownswood Electric series of compilations.

With Brownswood Electric 4 out this year, Joe Muggs spoke to Gilles and Alex about their introductions to dance music (Gilles – acid house, Alex – a dance remix of the Rainbow theme), the development of the UK party scene, and, why modern-day Ibiza is the lowest common denominator and more.

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