Photo by: Lucy Barriball

Stream Grumbling Fur's new album, Preternaturals

Hear a fresh round of homespun psychedelia from the London duo.

Ahead of its release on August 11 through The Quietus Phonographic Corporation, we’ve got an exclusive stream of Grumbling Fur’s third album.

Preternaturals is the follow-up to last year’s very special Glynnaestra – one of our favourite records of 2013 – and sees Daniel O’Sullivan and Alexander Tucker digesting influences from Spacemen 3 and Faust to Ram-era Paul McCartney and Philip K. Dick, plus the obligatory fistful of psychotropics. The record also features a collaboration with Tim Burgess on ‘Lightinsisters’ and artwork by Turner Prize nominee Mark Titchner.

Tucker calls it “our pop record”, but adds that “every record for us is the same, it’s about encapsulating the time during which it was made. It’s about the place where it was made, too, at that point where Tottenham starts to become the suburbs, in a 1930s house owned by the artist Ian Johnstone.”

“The house is imbued with magickal energy,” says O’Sullivan. “Its walls and the contents within are the materials which record the fibres of time.”

Find out more about that house in our 2013 interview with the duo, which touched on mescaline, metaphysics and the “rich lineage of English wyrd, with a y”. More recently, O’Sullivan and Tucker have both contributed to FACT’s Forgotten Classics series – read their essays on two verifiably wyrd albums by Lifetones and Mr & Mrs Smith and Mr Drake.




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