Listen to Steffi's Radio 1 Essential Mix

Dutch DJ and Panorama Bar stalwart Steffi turned in a diverse Essential Mix for Radio 1 last night.

As well as records from her Ostgut Ton allies Marcel Dettmann and Answer Code Request, the Power of Anonymity producer threw in cuts from techno siblings Octave One, psych-disco newcomer Seven Davis Jr and even a splash of Boards of Canada.

Listen back via iPlayer or download at CoreNews and see the tracklist below. London’s own house grafter Huxley is at the controls for next week’s session.

Check out some other ace Essential Mixes this year from CaribouMKJackmaster & Oneman and Marcel Dettmann.


Marcel Dettmann – Stranger [Ostgut Ton]
Sonar Base – Isonar Bass #10 [Intense Music]
Kassem Mosse – Demo Drums Ripping [Kinda Soul Recordings]
Monolake – Ice [Imbalance Computer Music]
Answer Code Request – Thermal Capacity [Ostgut Ton]
B12 – Telefone 529 [Warp]
RAC – Quexos [Warp]
Severn Beach – We Continue [Audio Culture]
Stingray 313 – Armchair Psychiatrist [Naked Lunch]
Sowing Paranoia – Active Galactic [Transhuman]
DXR – Fader Pushing Sunday [Klakson]
Unknown – NYC2 [White Label]
Octave One – Nicolette [430 West Records]
Random Noise Generation – Random Funk [430 West Records]
Hakim Murphy – 1st Onicho [Synapsis Records]
Seven Davis Jr. – P.A.R.T.Y. [Apron Records]
Jedi Knights – May The Funk Be With You [Evolution]
Le Car – Flame Job [Ersatz Audio]
Japanese Telecom – Beta Capsule [International Deejay Gigolo Records]
Dexter – Rosser [Dolly]
Steffi – JB25 [Ostgut Ton]
Partisan Midi – Titl [Clone Records]
Mika Vainio – Spiraalit [Sähkö Recordings]
Mathew Jonson – Behind The Mirror [Sub Static]
Stingray 313 – NKKK4_2 [Naked Lunch]
Lightman – Dawn Flyer [Raygun Records]
Steven Tang – Optimal Signals [Syncrophone]
Heiko Laux – Souldancer [Kurbel]
Boards of Canada – Semena Mertvykh [Warp]
Gigi Masin – Little Faith [Music From Memory]



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