No, he hasn’t pissed away all his Rave Tapes lucre already – it’s for  charity.

Mogwai guitarist Stuart Braithwaite has hit the streets of Glasgow today (February 4) to sell copies of The Big Issue (for non-UK readers, it’s a magazine sold by homeless people to provide them with a small income). The guitarist is taking part in the #VendorWeek Big Sell organised by INSP, the international network of street papers that includes Berlin’s Strassenfeger and Seattle’s Real Change.

“I was very happy to agree to sell The Big Issue in Glasgow when asked,” Braithwaite wrote on his Virgin Money Giving page, where you can also top up his fundraising with your own donations.

“I think it’s a fantastic organisation and what they do to help homeless people earn an income is wonderful. I also think that the magazine is one of the best around. I hope I can do my part to raise awareness and make some money for INSP and The Big Issue too.”

The latest issue even has national treasure Shaun The Sheep on the cover, so hand over that £2.50 – you were only going to waste it on a trendy coffee anyway.

Mogwai celebrate their 20th anniversary this year, and they’ve got residencies in Glasgow and London lined up to mark the occasion. For more Mogwai fun, check out our selection of the band’s 10 best deep cuts and hidden gems, and see a gallery of Polaroids from their ’90s touring days.



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