“What do you mean 88 years?”

RZA’s plan for an 88-year copyright on Once Upon A Time In Shaolin was news to Method Man, when asked about the album by XXL. When the interviewer explained how it could potentially prevent the public from hearing the album for nearly a century, Meth was as taken aback as the rest of us.

“Fuck that album,” he said. “I’m tired of this shit and I know everybody else is tired of it, too. Fuck that album, if that’s what they are doing. I haven’t heard anything like that, but if they’re doing crap like that, fuck that album. Straight up.

“I’m just keeping it 100. When music can’t be music and y’all turning it into something else, fuck that. Give it to the people, if they want to hear the shit, let them have it. Give it away free. I don’t give a fuck; that ain’t making nobody rich or poor. Give the fucking music out. Stop playing with the public, man.”

While originally onboard with the issue-of-one release, the 88-year copyright seems to be a turning point. “I dug the whole idea in the beginning. I’m like, ‘Wow, this has never been done before,’” he said. “I was cool with shit. But now, this is ridiculous. 88 years? Really? If that shit is true, that shit is stupid. You have to wait 88 years to hear some shit? By that time, it’s going to be fuckin’ played out. If it ain’t already played out. I hope that’s a rumor. Whoever said that, that shit is fuckin’ stupid.”

Method Man’s Meth Lab mixtape is expected this year.

Update: RZA has responded to Method Man’s comments.

The Wu-Tang capo has hit back at Meth and XXL, tweeting “let us clarify for you. A 88 year “non commercialization”clause. Means corporations can’t buy it & mass produce it for sell.”

As Pitchfork notes, RZA’s previous tweet was to wish Method Man a happy birthday.



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