The judge in Suge Knight’s murder case has drastically lowered the former mogul’s bail.

Knight’s bail had previously been set at a whopping $25 million, however the judge presiding over the case has made the decision to reduce that number to $10 million. That’s still an astronomical figure to most, however Knight’s new lawyer Matthew Fletcher believes that the former Death Row boss can make bail as early as today.

TMZ reports that the judge also dropped one of the hit-and-run counts against Knight, although the charges of murder and attempted murder still remain.

Knight was reportedly rushed to hospital yet again after the hearing for an unspecified emergency. It is the second time in a month that the embattled figure has been taken straight to hospital after a court appearance, and the fourth time he has been hospitalised since the hit-and-run incident in late January.

Cle “Boan” Sloan, the man who survived Knight’s hit-and-run attack, refused to testify in court earlier this week. [via TMZ]



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