Christelle Gauldi gets cathartic on her latest offering.

Stellar OM Source will return to RVNG Intl., the label that released her 2013 album Joy One Mile, for the Nite-Glo EP. Written during a time of loss and emotional processing, Nite-Glo was recorded solely with the live hardware of her mobile studio set up, and it continues her musical journey from Conservatoire de Paris student to DIY synth scenester to global dance producer.

Nite-Glo is due out on June 8/9 on 12″ EP and digital; the cover and tracklist are below, along with rollicking lead track ‘Sudden’.

For more Stellar OM Source, revisit her 2013 FACT mix and read Angus Finlayson’s interview with Gauldi about drums, deportation and Joy One Mile.

01. Sudden
02. Never
03. Live
04. Sure



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