For the past few weeks, Yamaha has been teasing a new line of synths called Reface.

The whole Yamaha Reface line was due to be announced tomorrow (July 7), but Create Digital Music has got its hands on some early pictures that were accidentally leaked onto a Korean website.

In much the same way as Korg and Roland have revived vintage gear for a modern market in a slightly different form, the Reface line is comprised of four compact keyboards based on classic Yamaha lines. There’s a YC combo organ with drawbars, a CP electric piano, a synth based on the digital DX series and a synth based on the analog CS series.

According to Gear Junkies, who also managed to catch the leak before it was taken down, each synth has 37 mini keys, runs on batteries and has an internal speaker system with a “Phrase Loop” sequence recorder.

One Gearslutz forum user also managed to get some more detailed specs from the website leak before it was taken down. According to their information, each instrument will have DC power inputs, MIDI in/out, USB and audio inputs and outputs. The DX and CS synths both have eight-voice polyphony, though the DX only has four sine-wave operators rather than the DX7’s six – meaning it might not be capable of those lush pads the synth is so famous for.

You can check out each model below – we’ll have more information on Yamaha Reface when the line officially launches.







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