Kuedo will headline London’s FWD>> with a rare DJ set ahead of a new EP.

Kuedo has been honing a close-to-peerless vision of audio sci-fi for several years now, with Severant proving to be one of the most influential underground albums of recent times. He’s already made an impact this year with the inauguration of his Knives record label, responsible for records by J. G. Bieberkopf and Jlin (A&Red by Knives for Planet Mu), and this week releases a new EP, Assertion of a Surrounding Presence.

Kuedo saves some of his best moments for his DJ sets, however – see his FACT or Truants mixes for evidence – and this Thursday he’ll headline a Local Action-curated FWD>> at Dance Tunnel. Support comes from Deadboy, Finn and Tom Lea. To RSVP, head here, and stream a taster of Kuedo’s new EP below.

Disclaimer: Local Action is a label run independently by FACT’s Tom Lea.




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