America may have adopted EDM, but the originators have been left out.

Techno pioneer Jeff Mills has revealed he hasn’t been invited to perform in the US for some time. In a forthcoming interview for Magnetic Mag, he was asked if he planned to tour his latest project, Exhibitionist 2, in the US.

“America just isn’t interested in what I’m doing and never really has been,” said Mills, prompting his interviewer to write a short blog post about EDM’s failure to recognise its heroes.

Mills has been an artist-in-residence at Le Louvre in Paris this year, curating performances ahead of the CD and DVD release of Exhibitionist 2 in September. In October he’ll hop over to Amsterdam to spend a day composing music in Rembrandt House Museum, taking inspiration from one of the artist’s paintings.

The Detroit legend has also been working on his UFO-inspired drum machine, which looks great but might not make it into our list of the 14 drum machines that shaped modern music.



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