Watch the 11-minute C-ORE now.

Earlier this year, Mykki Blanco launched Dogfood Music Group and announced a compilation entitled C-ORE as its first release. Accompanying C-ORE is an 11-minute short film of the same name. According to its YouTube blurb:

“C-ORE follows four vigilantes as they track down a wanted techno-junkie in the middle of developing a new way for users to experience old earth. After liberating it and trying it for them-self, they fall into a maze of nightmarish parallel realities. Now indoctrinated into C-ORE – they seek to escape the drug by traveling to the limits of their new reality.”

The film stars Blanco and label signees Psychoegyptian, Yves Tumor and Violence. It was directed by Jude MC, who embedded clips from Under the Skin, Blade, Tokyo Drift, Spawn, Strange Days and Altered States, a technique the director also used on Nguzunguzu’s ‘Mecha’.

“Most new music videos are either direct references or direct copies of other artist works, movies or media—this is my way of acknowledging that and also incorporating my references into the piece itself, rather than just in the treatment,” Jude MC tells Pitchfork.

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