There’s another twist to the Martin Shkreli tale.

On Tuesday Jason Koza, an artist from Long Island, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the price-gouging pharmaceutical entrepreneur Shkreli, for allegedly using his comic book-esque portraits of the hip-hop legends without permission.

Koza saw his pictures – originally drawn for fan site Wu Tang Clan Disciples in this Vice article and noticed that his nine images, with titles including ‘Ghostface Killa-Koza’, ‘Inspecta Deck-Koza’ and ‘U-God-Koza’, were being featured in the 174-page book accompanying the album. This is the album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, which the aforementioned “fake-ass supervillain” purchased for $2 million.

If Koza wins the lawsuit, it would ban Shkreli from distributing further copies of the album commercially for at least 88 years.

It’s all been kicking off via the medium of video with Shkreli issuing an embarrassingly lame video-based diss which Ghost responded to yesterday with his own version, featuring his mother.

Maybe this is the lawsuit we’ve all been waiting for.



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