The edit is taken from Mica Levi’s killer new EP.

Having released one of 2014’s best mixtapes for Demdike Stare’s label in 2014, Micachu has returned to DDS for Taz and May Vids.

The seven-track EP features three tracks made together with frequent collaborator Tirzah, including the ramshackle garage track ‘Go’, which has been waiting for a release since it first appeared in 2011.

The whole record is as essential, but the other highlight is ‘Dare You’, a hybrid of lo-fi 2-step and low-slung hip-hop that packs more into its two minutes than most six-minute club tracks.

To aid the record’s more DJ-focused audience, Modern Love duo Demdike Stare have edited ‘Dare You’ into the sort of rough and ready club track they’ve been releasing on their Testpressing series. You can hear it below, and buy the record at Boomkat.

Last year FACT spoke to Micachu and The Shapes about how a spontaneous recording becaume the band’s recent album Good Sad Happy Bad.



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