Mica Levi’s had an absolute corker of a year.

Not only did she cough up one of our favorite albums of the year with her haunting score to Jonathan Glazer’s excellent Under the Skin, she even managed to slot together a killer mix for this very site (ahem).

Now, as if to just show off, she’s put together a truly stunning hour-long mixtape for Demdike Stare’s imprint. If you’ve been watching, you’ll see the Northern duo have cranked up the activity as of late, releasing Shinichi Atobe’s ace Butterfly Effect LP a few weeks ago, and Micachu’s Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill might be their best drop so far.

Billed as a mixtape (it’s also released on cassette, natch), it is for all intents and purposes a proper record, mashing together the kind of spine-chilling post-classical ambience we heard on Levi’s Under the Skin accompaniment with bizarre rhythmic excursions and synthesizer experiments not unlike those you might find on Leila’s first couple of albums. It’s blinding stuff, and can be grabbed from Boomkat now.



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