The footwork wunderkind reveals an unexpected collaboration.

In a recent interview with the blog Wine & Bowties, Teklife crew member DJ Earl revealed he has new record on the way made with Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never.

Earl explained he met Lopatin in Vancouver at the New Form Festival and after being impressed with each other’s sets, the OPN-mastermind invited him to release on his Software imprint. The two then ended up working together (Lopatin contributed mixing, arrangements, and keyboards, Pitchfork point out) to craft the album that Earl says will be out soon through Teklife.

“I wasn’t that familiar with what he did at the time, but he’s an amazing guy,” said Earl, adding, “without revealing too many details in terms of what happened next, I have a record coming out on Teklife, and Daniel did get involved with the record. We put together the entire album together actually, he was very hands on.”

Earl will appear on the Teklife label’s recently announced debut release, Afterlife, a posthumous collection of DJ Rashad tracks featuring many of his longtime collaborators.

Oneohtrix Point Never also co-produced Antony Hegarty’s upcoming album as ANOHNI. His last album, Garden Of Delete was our #2 favorite album of 2015.

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