The week’s best mixes: DJ Stingray, Umfang and drive time with Janus

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Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

Detroit’s balaclava-sporting star player DJ Stingray leads the charge this week with some Real Techno Shit, plus there’s fierce fun from Hamburg’s Helena Hauff and Discwoman’s Umfang, and a Lynchian drive time show from Janus quiet man Dan DeNorch. Honk!

DJ Stingray
Dekmantel podcast 059

Drexciya are no more, but their spirit lives on in DJ Stingray, who steps up to the Dekmantel podcast series for 50 minutes of breakneck Detroit electro. His sets rarely dip below 140 BPM and this one is no different, mixing up the sub-aquatic electro with slamming ghettotech and even Mr. Mageeka’s 2011 Numbers classic ‘Different Lekstrix’. Find a balaclava and get stuck in.

Helena Hauff
Phormix podcast #40

If The Hauff wants to “destroy society” then this snare-heavy techno-punk mix might just kicks things into gear. After the initial noise thaws out, it’s post-apocalyptic partying all the way, with Hauff imbibing the industrial rocket fuel of Klankman, Boneless One, and other sonic deviants.

Dan DeNorch
Janus residency on NTS Radio, March 1

Berlin collective Janus have taken over the NTS Residency slot this month, and the first show comes from co-founder Dan DeNorch. While forward-thinking club music is usually the Janus vibe, the debut slot is more like a surreal drive time show headed up by David Lynch, with Diamanda Galas, Cibo Matto and The KLF fitting alongside contemporary jams from Arca and Chino Amobi.

I want U to know it

Emma Burgess-Olson makes rugged, crumbling techno laced with wispy synths under the name Umfang (check last year’s Ok on 1080p), and as a member of NYC’s rising Discwoman collective is also partial to cranking out heavy-duty night-time material and effervescent breaks, as heard on this vinyl set recorded live for Editorial.

Dummy Mix 312

A few months back we enjoyed a cracking Dummy mix from Nguzunguzu’s MA, and now her other half NA delivers his own instalment packed with dancehall treats including a welcome outing for the Fiesta Riddim, sounding fresher than ever. Unlike MA, however, NA doesn’t have Busy Signal’s ‘Text Message’ in his mix. Points docked.

Chaos In The CBD
Dimensions 2016 Mix 3

Fraternal duo Chaos In The CBD have been bubbling up in the warmer, hazier dancefloors of south London for a few years and been given the stamp of approval by local labels Church and Rhythm Section International, which should give you an idea of the organic, shuffling, softly soul-inflected sound the Auckland boys bring to the table on their mix for Dimensions.

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