Dean Blunt is expanding his portfolio with a new film project.

The Babyfather frontman plans to remake Hollywood Shuffle, a 1987 low-budget comedy by Robert Townsend and Keenen Ivory Wayans which sends up Hollywood’s stereotypical casting of black actors.

Blunt laid out his latest scheme in an interview on NPR with host Frannie Kelley and A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Responding to why he was visiting Los Angeles, Blunt said: “I’m doing a re-make of Hollywood Shuffle. I’m making it myself, so I’m out here.”

He explained: “Hollywood Shuffle is an old film they made — I think it’s an ’80s film. I don’t know who it was by. It’s like one of the first black satirical comedies I’ve ever seen — American black satirical comedies. And it’s when Eddie Murphy was a stereotype actor for black acting in America. And this film, it’s a parody of that. Everyone is cast as Eddie Murphy. There’s a long audition, and they always want the guy to be Eddie Murphy. It’s pretty funny film.

“I can’t afford the original actors, so I’ve found look-alikes of each. And yeah, it cost just about enough.”

The rare interview also saw Blunt going deep on art, race, and transcendental meditation – listen or read the transcript on NPR.

Blunt is also working on another film project, a “black action hero slash UK stoner buddy movie” shot between London and Atlanta, as he revealed earlier this year.

The debut album by Babyfather, a collaboration between Blunt and artists Escrow and Gassman, is out today via Hyperdub and includes the best artwork of the year so far.



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