Tim Hecker’s first album for 4AD, Love Streams, is out today.

The drone guru follows up 2013’s Virgins with an album described as having more “melancholic, ultraviolet hues” than its predecessor, featuring arrangements and input from Ben Frost, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Kara-Lis Coverdale and Grímur Helgason, as well as the Icelandic Ensemble Choir.

Hecker used software to manipulate 15th century choral scores before working with Jóhannsson to arrange the music into layers of studio-tracked keyboards, choral voices and woodwind.

The US artist recently spoke to FACT’s Steph Kretowicz about Love Streams, the analogue-digital divide, and coping with abundance. “I am just lost with infinite choices and it’s like more and more of a problem,” he said, “where constraint really matters, and omitting really matters, and putting on horse blinders really matters.”

“Because without that you’re fucked, like, literally. I feel like there is no path forward. You know, the end result is paralysis, and stagnation, and questioning.” Read the full interview.

Stream the album below and buy it on CD, LP and digitally from today.

Tour dates:

April 14 – US, New York, NY, Warsaw
May 5 – UK, London, St John’s Sessions
May 7 – Austria, Krems, Donau Festival
May 19-21 – US, Durham, NC, Moog Festival



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