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Hallowed 00s reality series MTV Cribs is being revived on Snapchat, it was revealed at the network’s annual presentation in New York yesterday (April 21), with acoustic music mecca MTV Unplugged also re-surfacing later this year.

MTV Cribs first debuted in 2000 on MTV, and later aired on CMT before ending its run in 2011. Featuring tours of celebrities’ houses, Destiny’s Child, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, and Wu-Tang Clan all appeared in the first run of episodes.

According to Variety, the new MTV Cribs is expected to launch in June and Mac Miller, Austin Mahone and Travis Mills are among the first artists to take part. The re-jigged version will see artists and celebrities guiding Snapchat users through their homes by speaking to the camera.

MTV launched on Snapchat in February and rebranded as the channel of social media video last June.

Under the guidance of newly-appointed president Sean Atkins, the network is expanding its remit for 2016-2017 with a host of music and pop culture-powered shows. First up is Wonderland, a weekly programme that will feature live music and comedy performances. The thing that kept coming back when I first started this job was, ‘Why doesn’t MTV do more music?” said Atkins.

He continued: “Music is our muse, our spirit animal. And it’s a great muse to have. So we’re leaning into it. We know there are a lot of challenges ahead. But one of the reasons I came here is because who doesn’t want to be a part of the third reinvention of MTV?”

In other MTV news, it was announced yesterday that this year’s MTV Awards will be held at Madison Square Garden in New York for the first time.

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