Update: Warp has shared a rip of ‘c16 deep tread’ on its SoundCloud.

Following Autechre’s appearance on Alaskan station KSUA, their label uploaded another new track from the duo to SoundCloud, the 15-minute ‘c16 deep tread’. Listen below.

Northern experimental vets Autechre are gearing up for something.

Last week, we got a taste of Sean Booth and Rob Brown’s latest excursion – the noisy, abrasive ‘Feed 1’, which was broadcast on BBC Radio 6 without warning. Now it looks as if the Warp mainstays are about to do something a little more grandiose – at least, we hope so.

Earlier today, Warp cryptically posted the word “Autechre” with a slice of artwork (that looks not a million miles from the cover art from their recent live uploads), a time (12PM Alaskan time, which is 4PM Eastern Time or 9PM in the UK) and a link to tiny college radio KSUA in Fairbanks, Alaska. Seriously.

If this is an album announcement, props to Autechre for managing to find a method that makes James Blake and Radiohead look like they’re just not trying hard enough.

Listen to ‘Feed 1’ below and read FACT’s interview with Autechre from 2013.

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