Extraterrestrial DJs, drones and child vocal samples on this unnerving-yet-meditative post-club album.

Veteran Norwegian ambient composer Biosphere, aka Geir Jenssen, is reissuing his second album Patashnik on his own Biophon label.

Originally released in 1994 by Norway’s Origo Sound and the R&S-affiliated Apollo, the ambient classic will be re-released with new artwork and a bonus disc made up of 12 tracks recorded between 1992 and 1994, which were released digitally in 2014 as Patashnik 2.

Out June 10, it’s available on vinyl and CD. See the full tracklist below.

Last year, Biosphere – who has released on various labels, including Brian Eno’s All Saints Records, since he adopted the moniker in 1991 – reunited with fellow countryman Deathprod for the first time in 15 years to release split album Stator.

Hear the album’s opener, ‘Phantasm’.


01. Phantasm
02. Startoucher
03. Decryption
04. Novelty Waves
05. Patashnik
06. Mir
07. The Shield
08. Seti Project
09. Mestigoth
10. Botanical Dimensions
11. Caboose
12. En-Trance

Patashnik 2

01. The Third Planet V.1
02. Novelty Waves V.1
03. Patashnik V.1
04. The Shield V.1
05. Seti Project V.1
06. Juno
07. Cloud X-4
08. Modulation Of Static
09. A Circular Path
10. The Lightone
11. North American Sequence
12. The Seal & The Hydrophone V.1



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