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“I’m sick of this shit.”

Snoop Dogg criticised the new Roots TV series ahead of its US premiere last night (May 30), accusing Hollywood of an obsession with depicting black people getting “dogged out”, beaten and abused at the hands of slave masters.

Speaking via Instagram, the rapper questioned whether the new rebooted Roots, adapted from Alex Haley’s Pulitzer winning novel about the plight and rebellion of 18th century slave Kunta Kinte, was the best choice for Memorial Day viewing. “They’re just going to keep beating that shit in our heads about how they did us. But guess what? We taking the same abuse now. Think about that part.”

“They just want to keep showing the abuse we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago,” he said, also attacking recent Oscar-winner 12 Years A Slave, before rallying others to “create our own shit based on today, how we live and how we inspire people today. Black is what’s real.” See the post below.

The new Roots, which follows a 1977 miniseries also based on the book, was originally rumoured to have Kanye West executive producing its soundtrack. Last year, Kendrick Lamar thrust Kunta Kinte’s story back into the hip-hop mainstream with ‘King Kunta’ from his To Pimp A Butterfly album.

Meanwhile, last week Snoop announced the release of a sequel to his career-defining 1993 debut Doggystyle called The Return of Doggystyle.

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