The streaming platform adds an improved “Suggested Tracks” feature.

SoundCloud has finally added an algorithm to its track recommendation system, meaning the days of crappy tracks playing on autoplay should be a thing of the past.

The streaming platform’s new “Suggested Tracks” feature uses an algorithm to track what you listen to and like, and recommend tracks accordingly. It’s found in a new “Discover” tab SoundCloud has added to the homescreen, or in the search field if you’re using the app.

The addition is vital for SoundCloud to compete with Spotify following the launch of its paid subscription service SoundCloud Go a few months ago. Last year Spotify introduced the Discover Weekly playlist, which has become a popular way for users to discover new music.

Like all other algorithmic recommendation engines, SoundCloud’s suggested tracks feature will only offer relevant suggestions if you use the service regularly.

It isn’t the only improvement SoundCloud has made to its service in recent months. A partnership with online service LANDR means users can get their music mastered for free.

However, the addition of ads and ongoing copyright issues have angered some. Earlier this month Four Tet called the service “a total slice of shit” after running into difficulties when uploading a remix he’d produced.

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