The former post-dubstep figure “strips things down to the very bare bones” on ‘Kazzt’.

UK producer Airhead has announced a new EP on Mumdance and Logos’ Different Circles, the label set up in 2014 to release their self-styled “weightless” take on grime, club and noise.

Rob McAndrews, who also plays guitar in James Blake’s live band and is part of his 1-800 Dinosaur crew alongside X and Y, will release ‘Kazzt’ on July 22, with the original track backed by a Mumdance remix.

“’Kazzt’ is another milestone in the lineage of our discography and is another very important step towards slowly carving out the Different Circles ‘sound’,” said Mumdance, “stripping things down to the very bare bones and focusing on sonics, weight and disorientation.”

The 12” follows McAndrews’ releases on R&S, Hemlock and Brainmath, including his 2013 full-length for R&S, For Years.

A 1-800 Dinosaur album is also on the way in July, featuring Airhead, Blake, Happa, Boothroyd and more producing for grime MC Trim.

Stream Airhead’s 2014 FACT mix below.



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