James Blake’s circle of producer pals have completed a collaborative album.

The debut record by the 1-800 DINOSAUR crew is due on July 29, titled 1-800 DINOSAUR Presents Trim. The album pairs the grime MC’s vocals with production from James Blake and his bandmate and fellow producer Airhead along with music from young techno prodigy Happa, Tri Angle signee Boothroyd, Bullion, Dan Foat and Klaus.

The label notes that Happa contributes a “tribal-like march” on ‘Before I Lied’ while Airhead brings three tracks: ‘Waco’, ‘Stretch’ and the “anthemic” ‘Man Like Me’. Boothroyd contributes ‘White Room’ and brings a grime flavour on ‘No Manners’, while Klaus produces ‘Seeker’ and Young Turks and R&S producer Bullion is behind ‘Among The Living’.

We’ve already heard the Blake-produced ‘RPG’ – stream that below and revisit Trim’s FACT Freestyle. See the complete tracklist underneath.


01. ‘Stretch’ (Airhead)
02. ‘Before I Lied’ (Happa)
03. ‘Man Like Me’ (Airhead)
04. ‘Waco’ (Airhead)
05. ‘Among The Living’ (Bullion)
06. ‘RPG’ (James Blake)
07. ‘White Room’ (Boothroyd)
08. ’13th Apostle’ (Dan Foat)
09. ‘Seeker’ (Klaus)
10. ‘No Manners’ (Boothroyd)



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