Track titles include ‘Dead Bart’, ‘Kill Data Ocean’ and ‘Chainsaw Man’.

Vaporwave pioneer Vektroid has dropped three albums out of the blue, her first new LPs under the alias in four years following the two reworked albums and lost release that surfaced in February.

Big Danger, Vektroid Texture Maps and RE-SET – which is labelled as a prelude to forthcoming project No Earth – were uploaded to Bandcamp last night (July 17) and you can hear them all below.

The prolific Portland producer has had many aliases over the years, including New Dreams Ltd, PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises, Laserdisc Visions, 情報デスクVIRTUAL, and dstnt, among others, but it’s her Macintosh Plus moniker, under which she released 2011 album Floral Shoppe, that remains the most influential.

Vektroid is due to release Midnight Run, a collaborative album with Houston rapper Siddiq, on August 1.

For proof of Vektroid’s influence, this month’s June Best of Bandcamp column includes a reversed version of her Macintosh Plus opus Floral Shoppe.



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