The Swedish producer gets his rave on with his first record for Joy Orbison and Will Bankhead’s label.

Not content with putting out one of the year’s best experiemental albums in Controlling Body, Peder Mannerfelt is going for techno record of the year with a forthcoming EP for Joy Orbison and Will Bankhead’s Hinge Finger label.

As Juno Plus reports, Mannerfelt’s debut for the label will be released early next month. On the basis of lead track ‘Clear Eyes, Full Heart’, it’s going to be the Swedish producer’s most dancefloor-focused release since he went under the name The Subliminal Kid.

The record is the second to be released by Hinge Finger in quick succession. Last month it was announced Joy Orbison had teamed up with Workshop producer Herron under the name CO/R for a record of deep, atmospheric techno.

While Mannerfelt is known for his experimental records and live performances, he’s known for going hard during DJ sets: his recent FACT mix is full of techno from Robert Hood, Perc, DJ Bone and PC Music’s Spinee.

Watch Mannerfelt’s recent live set from Mutek below.

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