The trio’s next LP is a dystopian concept album set in outer space.

Experiemental hip-hop trio clipping. have announced details of their second album, due for release through Sub Pop on September 9.

Splendor & Misery follows Daveed Diggs’ rise to fame off the back of winning a Tony Award for his portrayal of Thomas Jefferson in Broadway musical Hamilton, and comes swiftly after the release of the Wriggle EP.

According to the label, Splendor & Misery is an “Afrofuturist, dystopian concept album following the sole survivor of a slave uprising on an interstellar cargo ship, and the onboard computer that falls in love with him.”

Jonathan Snipes and William Huston’s production is described as creating an imaginary sonic map of the craft’s hallways and decks, while Diggs’ lyrics “ride the rhythms produced by its engines and machinery.”

Watch the video for album track ‘Baby Don’t Sleep’ below and pre-order from Bandcamp.


01. ‘Long Way Away (Intro)’
02. ‘The Breach’
03. ‘All Black’
04. ‘Interlude 01 (Freestyle)’
05. ‘Wake Up’
06. ‘Long Way Away’
07. ‘Interlude 02 (Numbers)’
08. ‘True Believer’
09. ‘Long Way Away (Instrumental)’
10. ‘Air ‘Em Out’
11. ‘Interlude 03 (Freestyle)’
12. ‘Break The Glass’
13. ‘Story 5’
14. ‘Baby Don’t Sleep’
15. ‘A Better Place’



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