The Diagonal founder’s first album is released in October.

XL Recordings has announced full details of Powell’s debut album, Sport.

The album was initially revealed last month as part of a billboard stunt that saw the Diagonal founder fielding questions from fans.

“I called it that because I wanted it to be fun and playful, hence the games we’ve been having via these billboards,” Powell wrote in an email to one fan. “People think of my music in certain terms I think, but I don’t agree with them most of the time.

“Also, like sport, I think of this record as being something for mind and body. I mean, you’re shit at sport if you don’t bring both things to it, so yeah, the music is physical and you can dance to it, but I also want to drag people’s brains along for the ride too.

“It’s not a techno record, a dance album, a ‘no-wave techno’ thing, whatever the fuck that is. It’s just the sound of what goes in my head.”

Powell has also shared the video for album track ‘Frankie’, which features vocals from HTRK’s Jonnine Standish and “shows Powell in training for various Olympic sports.”

Powell debuted back in 2011 with an EP on his own Diagonal label, which he was prompted to launch after advice from UK techno veteran Regis. Since then it’s become one of the UK’s best labels for fringe club music.

Sport will be released on October 14. Powell launches the album with a show at London’s Corsica Studios on September 8. Until then, you can revisit Powell’s FACT mix.


01. ‘FiT_17’
02. ‘Fuck You, Oscar’
03. ‘Frankie [feat. Frankie]’
04. ‘Big Keith [‘Ok Ok’ Mix]’
05. ‘Skype’
06. ‘Junk’
07. ‘Jonny [feat. Jonny]’
08. ‘Beat 20_194r’
09. ‘Gettin’ Paid to Be Yourself [Al’s ‘Kick Ass’ Mix]
10. Do You Rotate? [feat. Dale Cornish]’
11. ‘Her Face’
12. ‘Gone a Bit Bendy [NTS Chatroom Version]’
13. ‘Plastic’
14. ‘Mad Love [feat. Loke Rahbek]’



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