The next glimpse of the rapper’s highly anticipated new album.

Danny Brown has released a new single titled ‘Pneumonia’ from his upcoming album Atrocity Exhibition. The track is the second we’ve heard from the album following the thrilling ‘When It Rain’.

The song is produced by Brown’s Warp labelmate Evian Christ, who previously contributed to Kanye West’s Yeezus. Brown only revealed Christ’s involvement in the album recently, sharing a full list of collaborators that also included Kendrick Lamar, Kelela and more.

Listen to ‘Pneumonia’ below and look for Atrocity Exhibition September 30.


Brown spoke about his recent singles in a new interview with Zane Lowe.

On ‘Pneumonia’:

“Got the beat and it just sounded crazy to me. It was very obnoxious. I’m like what else can I do to make it more obnoxious so I had my homie Schoolboy Q do ad-libs on it for me. That’s the party one that’s the one I’m having fun. It’s just a fun song. When you make an album everything can’t be a concept song that wouldn’t be me. I gotta have some random fun somewhere.”

On earlier single ‘When It Rain’:

“If I’m makin’ a song and I don’t know then that’s the best feeling I wanna have. Does it suck? Is it good? I don’t know. Then I might be feeling a certain way in a week and then a couple months go by and I think ‘this is amazing!’ I always don’t want to know when I’m in the booth. ‘When It Rain’ was quirky, but after a few months went by I thought ‘yeah’. It was a risk. That’s the way I want to come back in the game I know I’ve been gone a while. Shouts out to Mimi (Cave) it was a great video and I wanted to bring the visuals. I knew I had to show it to people rather than just the song for them to get it.”



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