“The safety of our customers has always been our number one priority.”

London club Fabric has issued a statement in response to police documents that described the venue as “a safe haven for the supply and consumption of illegal drugs,” RA reports.

The club has been closed since August 11, following the suspected drug-related deaths of two 18-year-old men at the venue. An Islington Council license review meeting on September 6 will decide the club’s fate.

“The safety of our customers has always been our number one priority. Any suggestion that we are not 100% committed to tackling drugs on the premises is completely false,” said Fabric director Cameron Leslie.

“In light of recent tragic events, we’re independently reviewing all our processes and have already proposed substantial changes to the police and to Islington Council—our aim is to set a new industry gold standard for safe clubbing.

“Venues like fabric face huge challenges in tackling drugs but as an experienced operator, with a strong track record and which is willing to invest, we are best placed to pioneer new ways of working that will keep people safer. We hope the council and the police will support these efforts on the 6th and allow us to remain open.”

The statement follows the release of supporting documents from the Metropolitan Police handed to the licensing committee, in which the club was said to be “a safe haven for the supply and consumption of illegal drugs” that “represents a serious risk to its patrons.”

“The failings of the management have led to an environment where illegal drug taking has become acceptable. If the premises has been permitted to remain open and operating in its current form, then there is a strong possibility that further drug related deaths will occur,” it concludes.

A statement from a plain clothes police officer, which has also been presented to the licensing committee, claims that open drug-taking and dealing was visible in the club on a visit on July 2, 2016.

London mayor Sadiq Khan earlier this week said that while he is committed to helping the city’s night time economy, he is unable to intervene in licensing situations such as the one currently troubling Fabric.

“Clubbing needs to be safe,” Khan said in a statement. “There have been two tragic deaths at Fabric over recent months and there are clearly issues that need addressing. Fabric, the Metropolitan Police and Islington will of course have to take real action to protect the safety of everyone who enjoys a night out at the club.”



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