A hint at the duo’s next album.

Run The Jewels have been hard at work this year recording their third album and now they’ve teased fans with some new music.

‘Panther Like a Panther (I’m The Shit)’ is a new song that appears in the trailer for the upcoming video game Gears Of War 4. You can listen to it below, although the onslaught of explosions and gunfire from the game make a few parts hard to hear.

RTJ3, which was “halfway done” in March, is expected to appear this year and is “harder, darker, meaner, angrier” than their previous albums, according to Killer Mike. Earlier this year, the duo released ‘Crown’ and appeared on DJ Shadow’s new album with ‘Nobody Speak’.

Watch the trailer below and keep a look out for RTJ3.

UPDATE: Turns out El-P and Killer Mike are more involved in Gears Of War 4 than we all originally thought. The pair will be playable characters in the upcoming game.

Meanwhile, El-P revealed the pair are “TRYING to finish, mix and master” RTJ3 before the end of the year in a since-deleted tweet.



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