The film’s director calls it “one of the most unique collaborations I can think of in scoring a film.”

Trent Reznor and his longtime collaborator Atticus Ross have joined Mogwai and composer Gustavo Santaolalla to score Before The Flood, a documentary about Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change activism.

Reznor and Ross served as music supervisors as well as composers working with Santaolalla and members of Mogwai on the score, which will get an album release ahead of the film’s debut next month. Before The Flood is directed by Fisher Stevens, who previously directed the Academy Award winning documentary The Cove.

“Reznor, Ross, Santaolalla, and Mogwai become one voice in capturing the emotion and feeling of Leonardo DiCaprio’s journey to understanding where we stand in terms of climate change, how far gone we are, what can we do about solving this issue and why people are still resistant to understanding how important it is,” said Stevens.

Ross and Reznor are best known for their work with David Fincher, while Mogwai are one of the all-time great post-rock bands. Santaolalla has won Oscars for his work on Brokeback Mountain and Babel, but he’s most loved by us for his score to The Last Of Us, which we called the 3rd greatest video game score of all time.

Before The Flood is due in New York and LA theaters October 21 and will debut on the National Geographic Channel October 30.

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