Weezy finally settles his cryptic tweets that hinted at retirement.

In an appearance on sports network FS1 show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed Lil Wayne confirmed to hosts Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe that his recent tweets about being “mentally defeated” and “[leaving] gracefully” were not about his rap career, but about his working relationship with Cash Money boss Birdman. All Wayne wants is the money he alleges he’s owed and he’ll let their on-again, off-again conflict rest: “Gimme mine and I’ll walk off free, smiling.”

He continued to tell Bayless that the tweets were a response to an argument he’d had with Birdman. “I’m a Libra. We’re cliché known to have no emotions, we’re the only zodiac sign without a heart or soul… We’re a scale, we have to let something let all the way down for us to tip out,” he said, explaining why it took him so long to react publicly to a feud that’s been going on since 2014.

A week after Wayne venting on Twitter, he released a new track ‘Grateful’ which featured lyrics taking shots at Birdman.

Watch more clips form Wayne’s Undisputed appearance below.



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