Two concert-goers injured at the New York show are suing the venue and Live Nation over inefficient security.

On May 25, a shooting at a T.I. concert in New York City left one person dead and three others wounded.

Troy Ave affiliate Banga died from a gunshot wound to the chest. Ave, who was himself shot in the leg, was formally indicted for attempted murder and later sued NYC venue Irving Plaza and its operator Live Nation. He claimed that the venue’s lax security measures put him and others in danger and that the personnel at both Irving Plaza and Live Nation should have been more active in de-escalating the event.

Now two attendees injured at the concert are also suing the venue and Live Nation over inefficient security, reports TMZ.

The victims’ lawyer Vincent Provenzano told TMZ that his two clients were “trampled in the chaos of people rushing for exits during the shooting,” and are suing Irving Plaza and Live Nation for unspecified damages.

The lawsuit claims that “the venue didn’t adequately screen people entering the concert,” which led to the shooting and that the plaintiffs “suffered serious physical injuries and mental anguish.”

Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave, born Roland Collins, was charged with attempted murder on the strength of security camera footage police claim showed him shooting a firearm He was released from New York’s Rikers Island jail in July on $500,000 bail, on the condition that he now wears a monitor on his ankle and is not allowed to leave the confines of New York City.

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