Moving audio and MIDI is now seamless with Live Set Export.

Ableton has just launched a new feature for iOS apps called Live Set Export, which makes it easier for musicians to move sounds from their favourite apps to Ableton Live.

As Ableton’s video demonstrates, the feature makes the process of exporting both audio and MIDI data from apps to Live as easy as pressing a button and uploading to a Dropbox folder.

Currently only a few instruments make use of the feature, but Ableton has made the software development kit available for developers to integrate into their own apps.

If you want to try the feature now, Live Set Export is available in five apps: sample-based app Blocs Wave, drum machine Patterning, jam sequencer Triqtraq and Korg’s iKaossilator and Gadget synths.

You can see how the feature works with Blocs Wave in the video below.

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