And that some people will never pay for music. (Well, duh.)

Spotify say that exclusives from Apple Music and Tidal are “not good for the artist” and that “a lot of artists are starting to come round” to the same opinion.

“We are not partaking in that game,” Spotify’s Chief Content Officer Stefan Blom told attendees at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ.D Live conference in California on Tuesday (October 25), where he was speaking alongside the streaming service’s Global Head of Creator Services Troy Carter, who is also Lady Gaga’s former manager.

Carter believes that “artists are starting to move away from exclusives,” and emphasised that Spotify have never done them.

Defending Spotify’s ad-supported business model, Carter also argued that it’s unrealistic to expect paid-only subscription services to work when some people can’t even afford gas for their car. These people will “never convert to a paying subscriber” for monetary reasons. [via Variety].

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