It only took two weeks.

Bob Dylan has contacted the Nobel academy to let them know he accepts his prize for literature, the first time the award has been given to a songwriter.

According to the Nobel’s Sara Danius, Dylan contacted the academy on Tuesday this week and said the prize had left him “speechless” and he appreciated the honor.

The news comes two weeks after Dylan’s win was announced by the Nobel and following a sort-of-acknowledgement on the part of the singer via his website which was deleted the following day. In that time, a member of the academy called Dylan’s silence “impolite and arrogant.”

Speaking to The Telegraph this week, Dylan said he would attend the December 10th ceremony “if it’s at all possible.” Danius for her part said the academy would try to accommodate Dylan to allow him to attend.

“Some [of my own] songs definitely are Homeric in value,” Dylan told The Telegraph.

On the day of the award’s announcement, Dylan surprised fans by playing guitar for the first time in four years.



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