Yet another thing to blame Brexit for.

Johnny Marr has waded in on Morrissey‘s recent pro-Brexit comments by adding that the former frontman’s political beliefs are another reason why a Smiths reunion is unlikely to ever happen.

Talking to Sky News last night (November 1), when asked about the possibility of a Smiths reunion, which actually nearly happened in 2008, Marr said that although he doesn’t believe everything he reads, if it is the case that Morrissey is pro-Farage, it would put “a slight drawback” on any kind of reunion.

Earlier this month, Morrissey called the result of the British referendum to leave the EU magnificent,” while continuing to criticise the media’s coverage of Brexit. In the same interview for Sky News, Marr agreed that these comments mean the pair “probably don’t have much ideologically in common any more.”

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