But she should probably sack her stylist.

Lady Gaga is both lucky and rich enough to own 55 items from Michael Jackson’s wardrobe, including a military-style black jacket decorated with a red armband. But when the life-long MJ fan chose to wear the jacket at Hillary Clinton’s final campaign rally last night (November 7), she probably didn’t think through the political connotations.

Twitter users – particularly Trump supporters – went into meltdown, noting the armband’s similarity to SS uniform and accusing Gaga of dressing as “a futuristic Nazi”.

Some users accused her of giving a Nazi salute when she raised her arm during a speech.

Though that hand gesture is quite unfortunate, the jacket is clearly an original MJ piece.

She later hinted at the Jackson link by donning mirrored shades and giving a peace sign, but not everyone got the reference.

Gaga was speaking and performing at the Clinton rally alongside Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and Bon Jovi. Watch Gaga’s speech and her performance of ‘Come To Mama’ below.



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