The ruling applies because the band use synthesizers or samplers as their primary instrument.

Kraftwerk could be prohibited from performing in Buenos Aires this month due to the city’s ban on electronic music events, which came into effect back in April following the deaths of six people at Time Warp festival in Argentina.

The German electronic pioneers were scheduled to play Buenos Aires’ Luna Park Stadium on November 23. However, as Argentine newspaper Clarín reports, the show’s promoter, Move Concerts, was given permission to start selling tickets back in July but was still awaiting a permit. Two weeks ago, after the promoter had sold 70% of tickets, it was then refused a permit for the concert.

A city government representative told Clarín: “After Time Warp, Judge Lisandro Fastman’s court ruling prohibited all electronic music festivals. Because of that, and despite the fact that they presented their paperwork with the required 30 days notice, we cannot authorize the permit.” The statement added that while it may not be a dance music festival in the traditional sense, the ruling still applies because the band “use synthesizers or samplers as their primary instrument.”

Move Concerts has tried to argue that the Kraftwerk show does not fall under the traditional “electronic party” definition as Time Warp and that the band may use synthesizers, but it is a concert for all age groups lasting one hour and a half to two hours where soft drinks are offered. It has filed an appeal and hopes that the concert can still go ahead somewhere within the Province of Buenos Aires.

Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta brought in the ban on large electronic music events after six young people – aged 21 to 25 – died from suspected acute poisoning on the first night at Time Warp Argentina in April. Nine people were also left in critical condition on its opening night. According to reports, the event seemed to spin out of control, with crowds telling local news channel TN they “couldn’t stay inside” and “it was too hot and there were too many people.” [via RA]



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