The city will also soften its ban on electronic music events.

Last week, it was reported that Kraftwerk’s show in Buenos Aires later this month was canceled due to a country-wide ban on large scale electronic music events. Now, a local court has reversed the decision after the show promoters Move Concerts submitted an appeal that explained the difference between a Kraftwerk concert and most electronic music events.

The show was originally canceled because Kraftwerk’s “use synthesizers or samplers as their primary instrument,” which is a key component to what makes a festival or outdoor music event off-limits in Buenos Aires. The ban was initiated after six people died at Time Warp Festival earlier this year. But according to Argentine paper Clarín, judge Lisandro Fastman – who oversaw the original court case – believes that they should soften the stringency of the ruling’s language.

Move Concerts were able to get the ban lifted (and possibly have the ruling re-considered) by explaining in their appeal that Kraftwerk draws an adult audience and that it is “not a so-called electronic music party” and “not a danceable event.”

Kraftwerk will perform at Luna Park Stadium on November 23.



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