Jlin, Mumdance and M.E.S.H. have also created new music for the Berlin software company.

Native Instruments has challenged 24 artists to create musical sketches using only plug-ins from its Komplete 11 package.

Released in September, Komplete 11 is the latest in the company’s series of regular software packages, containing almost every one of its synths, instruments and effects.

The producers cover the full range of contemporary club music, with acts including Jlin, Throwing Shade, Angel-Ho, Mumdance, Ziur and M.E.S.H. among those tasked with creating the music. Each comes accompanied by generative visuals by filmmaker Rainer Kohlberger.

Aïsha Devi’s sketch is long enough to be a full track, and features her signature vocals alongside bass from Massive, Reaktor 6’s Lazerbass and the new Kinetic Metal instrument. “I wanted to keep a pure signal from each part to allow for space,” she says. “A kind of serene, altered state of consciousness.”

NON Worldwide’s Chino Amobi crafts a delicate track called ‘POPcorn’ that combines a skittish, uptempo rhythm with the kind of ambient textures seen on his recent Airport Music For Black Folk album. He used a drum loop from Polyplex, strings from Kontakt and synths from Razor.

The Knife’s Olof Dreijer, who formerly made music as Oni Ayhun, took a “funky rhythm” played through the Abbey Road Vintage Drummer kit and combined it with the FM8 synth he describes as his “go-to FM VST.”

While the project is aimed at driving sales of NI’s Komplete package, the sketches prove that you don’t always need synth hardware to make interesting music. You can listen to all 24 sketches at the Native Instruments website.

Earlier this year, Native Instruments launched a new controller for music making called Maschine Jam – read FACT’s review here.

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