Also starring: a lot of blunts.

Kehlani has shared the video for her breezy summer smash ‘Distraction’.

The colorful, YASHXANA-directed clip sees the R&B singer posing against white, yellow and blue sets – a tribute to Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’ video – while performing a slickly choreographed dance routine that gets a little steamy in places.

The track was produced by Philly duo Pop & Oak and “is about a girl,” as Kehlani told Genius. “I was talking to this girl and I was like, ‘it’s cool to have a little thing but right now I’m so in my vibe’. So you got to be a distraction but you really can’t take away from what I got going on.”

Kehlani’s new album, her follow-up to 2015’s acclaimed mixtape You Should Be Here, is expected in early 2017.



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