The first record is a two-track 12″ from the artist herself.

Bristol DJ and producer Shanti Celeste has announced the launch of her own label, Peach Discs.

The label’s first release features two tracks from the artist herself, ‘Loop One’ and ‘Selector’. According to RA, the first 12″ will be released in February 2017.

“I started Peach Discs because I feel like the time is right,” Celeste said in a statement. “I want to release music that makes me happy and build a little family with all my friends and friends of friends who I know are making great music.”

As well as making this the “main home” for her music, future releases will come from a new Bristol duo called Fred and a producer called Samuel, “as well as many others.”

Celeste, who has had releases on Future Times, BRSTL  and Julio Bashmore’s Broadwalk label over the past few years, describes the A-side as an “emotional and energetic breaksy number” and the flip side “a tough and bass heavy cut.” Listen to previews at Rush Hour.

Celeste’s most recent appearances were on Max D’s Future Times imprint and Objekt’s Kern Vol.3 mix for Tresor.



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