The Tiny TS is so small you’ll probably lose it down the back of the sofa.

If the pint-sized Korg Volca synth isn’t small enough for you, then you’ll soon be able to buy a synth that fits in a wallet.

As Synthtopia reports, the Tiny TS is the size of a credit card and has been created by independent developer Jan Ostman, who also makes his own synth chips.

The Tiny TS has just one octave and six dials for shaping the synthesizer’s sound, but it includes an audio output alongside CV and gate outputs, meaning it can plug into a modular synth. The sound chip can also be swapped with any of Ostman’s other creations.


You can buy a ready assembled Tiny TS for $60, or, if you’re feeling creative, build your own. It costs $20 for the PCB, $30 for PCB and pre-programmed chip or $50 for the full kit with all the parts. The synth is expected to ship on December 1 – find out more at Ostman’s website.

If the Tiny TS is too small, the Bastl Instruments Kastle and AE modular offer synthesis in small packages without the worry of losing them down the back of the sofa.

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