Remember a nicer time before the internet when one-hit wonders actually just went away?

Post Malone stopped by New York rap station Power 105 to guest on their marquee morning show The Breakfast Club where he talked about the failures of the American voting system and why he doesn’t do it and to, uh, espouse some JFK assassination conspiracy theory.

While the show isn’t necessarily a place for politics, the presidential election tends to come up, whether they’re hosting Hillary Clinton or on-air personality Charlamagne the God is engaging with Political Pundit Barbie, Tomi Lahren. But this is different. This is not real political engagement. This is pure bozo-ing.

“Our votes are suggestions to the Electoral College. They can vote for who they want. It doesn’t make any sense. This whole system’s fucked,” Post Malone said on the show, explaining why he doesn’t vote. “I think that neither of our candidates were fit to be where they are. I feel like Bernie Sanders should have won. Because I think he was the realest one.” (Someone tell Post Malone that a handful of members of the EC actually did vote for Bernie Sanders.)

Despite being a latent Bernie Bro, Post noted that he would play Donald Trump’s inauguration for the right amount of money. Clearly, the Trump admin wasn’t as desperate for performers as the rumors let on ‘cos he could have had Post AND Riff Raff!!!!

Further into the interview, the ‘White Iverson’ rapper talks about President Kennedy, point out the he believes a common conspiracy theory that JFK was killed for telling the “truth”: “Literally days before he died he was talking about how our government focuses on corruption instead of truth and all the things. There’s a great speech where he goes back and forth between the negatives and what we should be focusing on. And days after that, he died.”

But don’t believe everything Post Malone says. Earlier this year, he allegedly quit rap to focus on pop and country and then took it back a few days later. Perhaps he should have made the switch – he’d at least have been invited to play Trump’s inauguration.

[via Noisey]



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