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Caroline Polachek, one half of the recently-disbanding duo Chairlift, has released a brand new solo project under her initials CEP. The album, titled Drawing The Target Around The Arrow, is available now for free download via The Creative Independent.

Polachek has done solo work before, under the moniker Ramona Lisa and as a guest vocalist for Danny L Harle and Blood Orange, among others. Drawing The Target Around The Arrow is an instrumental album, a new endeavor for Polachek.

On the shift in direction she says: “I’d always approached music as being a narrative or being aesthetic or having meaning by way of reference or being political, and I’d never looked at it just so cleanly as, ‘This is useful.’… Naturally I did want to experiment with putting vocals on it because that’s sort of what I do. I tried half the record with vocals on it. I actually recorded it and I realized the whole thing falls apart once you put vocals on it.”

Download Drawing The Target Around The Arrow here and read the full interview, where she talks about writing for Beyoncé and preparing to perform the CEP music live.

Chairlift will perform their final shows in April.



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