Ye was intentionally left off the invite list.

Despite his recent meeting at Trump tower and his self-proclaimed friendship with Donald Trump, Kanye West isn’t “typically and traditionally American” enough to perform at Trump’s inauguration.

That’s according to Tom Barrack, chairman of the Presidential Inauguration Committee, who told CNN on Wednesday (January 18) that the inauguration was “not the venue” for a Kanye show.

Barrack didn’t manage to explain what does qualify as “typically and traditionally American” – but coming from Trump’s camp, perhaps it has something to do with birth certificates.

In November, West told a California crowd on his Saint Pablo tour that he “would have voted for Trump” – if he had voted at all. Racism in the US is “just a fucking fact,” he added, refusing to condemn any of Trump’s election campaign rhetoric: “We are in a racist country.” [via MTV]



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